They blog will be a place to find out the progress of games that are being added to and of upcoming games. If you have any feedback, requests or questions, feel free to leave a comment below! You can also message on the Facebook Page or email if you want to send it directly.

Scene Maker

This game will be a combination of Prince Maker and Princess Maker. I'm going to put in 2 prince style characters and 2 princess style characters. You can add and remove them if you want. It's taking some time to get items over from the other games, but ideally, there'll be as many options or more in Scene Maker than each of the others. If it goes well, I'll also add a pet option down the road.

Sandman Inc

I've been working on a 3D game called Sandman Inc. You play as the Sandman and go into people's dreams. Actually, the Sandman has created his own company that you work for. You are his employee and go into people's dreams to collect dream fragments which come up when people are stressed in their dreams. Collecting the fragments helps the dreamer cope with their issues and brings more fragments to Sandman Inc.